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Published: 1 week ago

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

At Gamescom this year we were presented with some news and footage on  Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. At first I was a little disappointed that the gameplay footage been presented to us was showing the same environment and the same mission that we saw at E3 …

Published: 2 weeks ago

Star Citizen: Murray Cup Preview

A WipeOut-style racing game inside of Star Citizen? Yes, please!

Published: 2 weeks ago

PES 2015 cover features Mario Götze

The first PES game to hit next-gen consoles by Konami is coming in November. The month is important in-and-of-itself, but the fact that this is a full two months after FIFA is significant. Bayern Munich player Mario Götze, who scored the winning goal during …

Published: 2 weeks ago

Star Citizen: Constellation Commercial

Looks good. Lots to come from this game in the coming months. And lots of writing here about it as everyone deciphers the announcements from Gamescom.

Published: 2 weeks ago

Nasdaq: “Will e-Sports Broadcast Rights Be Valuable?”

An interesting article has cropped up on Nasdaq’s website asking the key question that non-gamers are intrigued by. In short, can eSports become a viable business like standard sports broadcasts? Previously the domain of online-only broadcasters like Twitch.TV, live video game tournaments made the …

Published: 2 weeks ago

ESL One CS:GO tournament has begun!

Livestream below:

Published: 2 weeks ago

Rime trailer

Sony’s indie lineup at Gamescom is incredibly strong, as suspected. Games like Rime showcase that indie developers can create hype & experiences that gamers can get excited about without needing the millions Activision have to pour into marketing. With more indie games than big-budget …

Published: 2 weeks ago

P.T. Aka Silent Hills

Gamescom 2014 is up and running and has already revealed a massive amount of news, footage and new games heading our way. One massive bombshell dropped was the announcement of a game called “P.T.” of which a playable Demo was released on the Playstation …

Published: 2 weeks ago

Paul McCartney’s next single is the theme for Destiny

Without Bungie having the services of their former music department chief in Chris O’Donnell, maybe they decided to re-route some budget to a bigger name. But hiring a former Beatle is probably not the first name you would consider in the role. But, it’s …

Published: 2 weeks ago

PS4 update 2.00 coming later in the year

The next major update to the PS4 firmware is en route, and the updates include Share Play, YouTube & more to be announced. While it’s irritating that Sony is teasing features, it’s cool to know that there’s more in store for users. Share Play …