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Published: 3 weeks ago

Honest Destiny trailer

Stop trying to defend it, it has no story.

Published: 3 weeks ago

FIFA15 review

Another year rolls in, another football season starts & an obligatory entrant to the precession of FIFA titles comes out from EA. Last year I reviewed FIFA14, and praised it as being a huge fix for any issues FIFA13 introduced. As such I called …

Published: 3 weeks ago

Driveclub is finished, so here’s some gameplay

It’s still hard to believe that it took almost a year for Sony to get a proper racer on the PS4, but we’re being rewarded with something remarkable – at least it seems so on the surface of things. DriveClub is released this month, …

Published: 3 weeks ago

A look at Uncharted 4

This tumblr profile has some screenshots featuring Uncharted 4 artwork. The shots show some tropical island & a little bit of an underwater city, which were hinted at in the trailer from e3. It has a very TLOU look & feel, but no other …

Published: 3 weeks ago

HomeStory Cup X

Now with added trailer! Hard to imagine that this tourney is celebrating 5 years & 10 tournaments! One of the best eSports events for sure, this will be a gem to watch. More details are available on

Published: 4 weeks ago

Everyone hates Destiny

Pretty good points outlined here, but Machinima was as guilty as anyone for jumping on the bandwagon prior to Destiny’s release, which in turn caused it to feel like a disappointing title. We wanted Halo MP with MMO aspects, and we didn’t get that …

Published: 4 weeks ago

Silent Hills TGS Concept Trailer

At TGS this year Silent Hills made an appearance in a creepy and disturbing “Concept Trailer” that is just fantastically creepy! From this Trailer alone you can already see the inventiveness and creativity of Silent Hill been brought up fair few notches and I am sure …

Published: 4 weeks ago

The Extended Series

This might be the weirdest one yet. Starring Silent0siris and Koibu.

Published: 4 weeks ago

So I’ve been away…

Hey folks, Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been away work work/vacation so haven’t had time to post. Even worse, prior to the trip I had no time to schedule much! But don’t worry, I’ve lots in the pipe coming over the next …

Published: 1 month ago

Rockstar have confirmed GTA V’s remaster release date

IGN have a full write-up. In it they detail a November 18th release date for GTA V on PS4 & Xbone, while PC gamers will have to wait until January 27th. Some screenshots are associated with the article, but nothing that really captures the …