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Published: 2 weeks ago

Nintendo Patents Game Boy Emulation

When it comes to emulation, Nintendo has the real prize most people want. I remember back in the days of the original PSP, one of the best things you could do was hack it to run emu software for old Ninty & Sega consoles. …

Published: 2 weeks ago

Sony teases “Emagon”

Emagon. Backwards: Nogame. “As you know, PlayStation is 20 years old this week,” Sony said in a PlayStation Blog Spain post. “This is a very special day for us, as we never thought we’d get this far when we released our beloved PSone back …

Published: 3 weeks ago

More than a dozen world premier’s at the Game Awards

This Friday night we will showcase more than a dozen world premieres @thegameawards Which games would you like to see? More to share soon. — Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) November 30, 2014 That’s the promise by Geoff Keighley. Hopefully the awards show is good & …

Published: 3 weeks ago

Unboxing an Xbox One sucks

So after a year with my PC & PS4 I thought it high time I post more Xbox One stuff here. And so, the first step is to get an Xbone. Which I duly did thanks to a Black Friday sale on Amazon. I’ll …

Published: 3 weeks ago

Husky’s back! #starcraft #esports

Moral of the story: visit your doctor & replace the jerky with soup.

Published: 3 weeks ago

iNcontroL Talks: “Rape” as a word in video games

iNcontroL discusses the controversy surrounding the use of the word “rape” in gaming culture. His TLDR: Don’t.

Published: 3 weeks ago

[review] LittleBigPlanet 3

In 2008 Sony released LittleBigPlanet, a cutesy title that sparked the imagination. 2008 was an innocent time when the PS3 was starting to gain momentum and kids weren’t yet exposed to MineCraft. So having this wonderfully simple experience to create beautiful levels & unleash …

Published: 3 weeks ago

‘Cavalry’s Here’ podcast discussing eSports & Overwatch

As an introductory podcast this was very solid listening, and went into some detail on topics important to the general eSports sphere. gg, folks.

Published: 3 weeks ago

[re-review] GTA V on the PS4

When GTA V was released about a year ago, like everyone else I waxed lyrical about how incredible the experience was in the newly refurbished Los Santos. The first thing I thought when this remaster was announced was that it felt a bit cheap …

Published: 4 weeks ago

CSGO: ESC practise for Dreamhack #esports

flusha crazy actions.