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Published: 3 weeks ago

HotS: IdrA returns to EG!

IdrA, one of the more entertaining StarCraft players of the last few years retired over a year ago. Now, he’s back with Evil Geniuses on their Heroes of the Storm team. You can read more on the EG website.

Published: 4 weeks ago

Anita Sarkeesian appears on Colbert #gamergate

The feminist critic appeared on The Colbert Report to explain the gamergate debacle and the subsequent harassment she received. Colbert plays the role of devil’s advocate really well, using great political tropes to re-enforce the bizarre agenda that anti-feminist gamergate morons propagate their ‘message’ …

Published: 4 weeks ago

The Master Chief Collection – Halo 2: Gravemind Gameplay

Almost 45 minutes of footage here. It looks amazing. So much so that I have to consider buying an Xbone now! By way of comparison, here’s what it looked like upon release:

Published: 4 weeks ago

John Riccitiello (ex-EA) becomes Unity CEO

John Riccitiello is an industry veteran, but he’s also someone that the industry at large dislikes. That’s mainly down to EA spending years iterating the hell out of it’s IP until that IP became irrelevant. Riccitiello, to his credit, saw the industry shift away …

Published: 4 weeks ago

Project Cars Halloween Trailer

I’ve been playing a bunch of DriveClub lately (review in-the-works) and it looks astounding. I’ve got Assetto Corsa on my PC, and similarly it looks astounding. But my god, this looks like they took all of that and turned it up to eleven.

Published: 4 weeks ago

Kojima wins Golden Joystick Lifetime Achievement award

In the second time ever, the Golden Josticks have handed out a lifetime achievement award. And of course, this time it’s to Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear). Kojima commented after receiving the award “Thank you very much for presenting me with this prestigious Golden Joystick …

Published: 1 month ago

AHGL season 5

Last year I took part in AHGL with some colleagues in the StarCraft II tournament. A tournament that took a lot of blood & sweat for very little return (namely because I’m so bad at SCII). However, Season 5 has something special for me …

Published: 1 month ago

Hatred game removes Epic logo

Epic Games, who make Unreal Engine, has requested a takedown of their logo & iconography from a new game called ‘Hatred’ which acts as a mass murder simulation. Not in the GTA way, though. There’s nothing playful here. Destructive Creations, the company behind ‘Hatred’ …

Published: 1 month ago

New Star Citizen gameplay video

Looks pretty decent. I’m still not sure why it’s so expensive, but it’s most certainly on my radar. I think I’m more excited about No Mans Sky, but I’m sure Star Citizen will captivate a huge swathe of folks. Whether or not the early …

Published: 1 month ago

How scary is Alien: Isolation?

Given this game is derived from the Alien franchise (a franchise I adore), and it’s called “Isolation,” you can assume nothing good will happen to your bowels while playing it. I’m not a fan of scary games, but even the thought of playing this …