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Published: 1 month ago

Ratchet & Clank movie trailer

This trailer literally opens with the words “in a world,” so god help us all. The jokes feel very forced, but to be fair it’s a kids film. It looks well animated, but certainly not to a Pixar standard. And the characters are established …

Published: 2 months ago

Sean Murray demo’s ‘No Mans Sky’ on Colbert

Colbert is following a recent tradition of having game developers on late night shows demo their wares. But Colbert is savvy, and knew that having Sean Murray on the show would be a huge coup for the ravenous fans of No Mans Sky. And …

Published: 2 months ago

Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay

Nico Nico provided the stream which explains the low quality, but you get the idea. This is, if I’m not mistaken, the first time we’ve seen actual gameplay from Horizon.

Published: 4 months ago

Journey [PS4 review]

A few years ago I played Journey, and I loved it. The experience is like no other. And now, as of today, the game is available on PSN for the PS4. Let’s pretend we never played it.

Published: 6 months ago

Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Bioware’s role playing games and Dragon Age have been a staple diet of rpg fans for a long time now and the fact that they are just so good at delivering solid, immersive worlds on pc and consoles shines through in Inquisition.  Years of …

Published: 9 months ago

OlliOlli 2 review

Let’s hop back many years. Teenage years. People were hanging onto the dream that one day old Kurt Cobain records will be released. 5 or so years after his death. People were hanging around Dublin city centre in hoodies, drinking cans of cheap larger …

Published: 9 months ago

Meet the cast of The Order: 1886

A video released for The Order: 1886 explores the game’s detailed characters & the tech used to make the characters appear more human. Ready at Dawn Studios’ upcoming over-the-shoulder shooter takes place in a pretty sexy steampunk world. It comes out on Friday.

Published: 10 months ago

The Order 1886: Story Trailer

Gameplay is getting better as we get to release, and the story looks intriguing. It’s a unique take on the ‘cover/shooter’ genre (if it is a genre). I posted some initial thoughts a while back based on a preview build, which might be worth …

Published: 11 months ago

Paparazzi – PS4 [trailer]

This looks quite cool, and it’s nice to see Sony nurturing developers of titles of this kin!

Published: 11 months ago

User-posted GTAV gallery shows how real it can look

SnapMatics are a way for GTA V players to create photos of their moments in GTA’s universe. Whether it’s an artsy shot in the night rain of the mountains or a selfie while standing on a pile of bodies. But one user decided to …