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Published: 2 days agoNew

GTA Online trailer

Harrier Jump Jet Flare Gun Armored car with turret Apache heli Cargobob with magnet Attack boats Carrier ships …that is all.

Published: 5 days ago

Street Fighter V gameplay

That soup bowl… Having a video of a competitive match between two pros with commentary is the best way to advertise this game. Especially since the fighting games out there currently haven’t served the eSports community particularly well. At least not compared to StarCraft …

Published: 1 week ago

The Order: 1886 gameplay trailer

Review coming next week.

Published: 1 week ago

Elite: Dangerous trailer

Love that Royal Blood tune!

Published: 1 week ago

Mojang release Scrolls official trailer

Scrolls combines the best bits of collectable card games with the strategy elements of tactical wargames. It features achievements, gold and a remarkable amount of beards. You can play the demo version for free! Visit for more. The YouTube comments are insanely dumb.

Published: 1 week ago

End of The Line #tf2

End of the Line, an animated fan short was developed by James McVinnie, a cinematic designer who worked on the Mass Effect & Dragon Age games for BioWare. This caps off the year-long anticipation for one of the coolest short films yet built off …

Published: 1 week ago

Street Fighter V trailer

For those into the ‘lore’ behind a blog, this one started out as a semi-popular Irish games site called Shoryuken. For various reasons it disbanded until I revived the whole project as it is today. For those in the know, Shoryuken is a very …

Published: 1 week ago

PlayStation Experience full keynote

3 days late, but I was away… so enjoy it!.

Published: 1 week ago

Check out the PS4 20th anniversary edition

I’ve been gushing about this, but The Verge managed to get a close look at one in the flesh. And thankfully, they posted high resolution pictures of it for us to enjoy.

Published: 2 weeks ago

PlayStation’s 20th anniversary PS4 is stunning #20yearsofplay

As a kid, my introduction to gaming was through the PC. But where it really kicked into gear was when, one Christmas, my brother & I got a PlayStation. A combined gift. Not only a miracle in our house, but an important moment. From …