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Published: 4 days ago

Hotline Miami 2 has a date: March 10!

Finally we have a set date for the follow up to one of the best indie games to be released in recent memory. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will be released for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC on …

Published: 5 days ago

Arkham Knight trailer “Gotham is Mine”

My body is ready. “Dark days are coming, Batman. The Prophecy is coming true, you are the warrior who will close the gates of Hell, you are the one who will save this day, and in doing so, events will occur that you cannot …

Published: 5 days ago

Revisiting Euro Truck Simulator 2 with a G27

I recently decided to splash out & buy myself a gift. The gift of a Logitech G27 steering wheel unit (complete with gear stick & pedals, including a clutch). I’m a driving game fanatic, so was keen to get this for some time & …

Published: 6 days ago

GTA V PC delayed (again)

April 10th, that’s the new date for GTA V’s tentative release date for PC. Of course it’s upsetting to have the game slip yet again, but there’s solace in the fact that Rockstar are keen to ship a working game. Which they’ve not done …

Published: 1 week ago

A brief history of Nintendo handhelds

It’s incomplete, but very pretty.

Published: 2 weeks ago

Meet the cast of The Order: 1886

A video released for The Order: 1886 explores the game’s detailed characters & the tech used to make the characters appear more human. Ready at Dawn Studios’ upcoming over-the-shoulder shooter takes place in a pretty sexy steampunk world. It comes out on Friday.

Published: 2 weeks ago

The Rise of the Cyber Athlete (BBC)

Interesting documentary. Incidentally, this was initially billed to be a radio documentary, which may explain some of the odd quirks in how it’s presented, etc. What’s interesting, as an avid eSports viewer & active promoter (via twitter, etc.), that this documentary & others like …

Published: 3 weeks ago

Eurogamer drops scores

For years now the debate about whether there’s merit to be had by rating games out-of-n has raged on. These days the general consensus is that review scores don’t add much to the pleasure of reading a review, nor do they necessarily influence a …

Published: 3 weeks ago


The video below is one of a game streamer who goes by the pseudonym of koopatroopa787. His real name is Joshua Peters. I’ve never heard of him before, but today you should all know who he is. He is a streamer, as I mentioned. …

Published: 3 weeks ago

Valve updates de_cbbl

WarOwl expertly navigates the changes to Cobblestone for you in the above video. What’s interesting about this one is the fact that Valve are trying to make the map feel more likely as a contender for eSports. They’ve been tweaking/chopping/changing maps to try to …