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Published: 1 week ago

Star Wars: Battlefront is coming November 17th

Finally, we’re getting a worthy Battlefront instalment, and I couldn’t be more excited. DICE, who I remember saying would be the perfect match for Battlefront many years ago, have unwrapped what their vision for Battlefront is (trailer below), and it’s awesome. It looks like …

Published: 1 week ago

Official Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Prologue

DLC! Yay! Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves will be available Tuesday, May 19, 2015 on the usual formats.

Published: 2 weeks ago


It’s a Monday and I’m sat upon a messed up mattress, the sheet here and there and perhaps only matched by the careless directions my hair is going in. The throb of an infected gum is occasionally felt, taking a stick in hand to …

Published: 2 weeks ago

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [trailer]

One of the best games in the last decade was the game that came before this next iteration in the series. Human Revolution was a fascinating, deep, thoughtful & action-packed title that explored the relationship of men & machines as they meshed in a …

Published: 3 weeks ago


Level 15. The suggested level for tackling this boss, the white wolf Fenrir, the snarling antagonist of the lowest level of the first stratum. My team of motley adventurers, boys and girls pulled from my own past and present, stand firm even as claws …

Published: 3 weeks ago

Lorn – SV_Cheats 0 [music]

Having a music video recorded that makes no reference to the title is pretty ordinary, but when the title of your song is sv_cheats 0 (a reference to Counter-Strike, most likely) you’d almost expect at least a hint of the video referencing it. All …

Published: 4 weeks ago

Halo 5 is coming this October

We knew Halo would likely drop this year. We even knew it’d be Q4 this year. But now we’ve got confirmation!

Published: 1 month ago

Welcome to eSports

VICE have done a multi-part series on eSports, and it’s brilliant. Watch & enjoy it. The issue I have with it is that it’s very focused on LoL, and nothing else.

Published: 1 month ago

Epic game’s dev process

One series I love is github’s ‘OctoTales’, and while it’s not wholly relevant to readers of this site, it is a nice look into how Epic works. And so, here’s their video! (via github)

Published: 1 month ago

Cities: Skylines [review]

When EA launched SimCity, it launched it with a lot of failures. Technical issues (and there were a lot of them, which included not being able to play the game in the first place) aside, the game simply wasn’t anywhere near as fun, interesting …