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PS+ in May

The “stick it to the Xbone” edition. Featuring: Stick it to the Man (PS4) Payday 2 (PS3) Puppeteer (PS3) Muramasa Rebirth (Vita) Everybody’s Golf (Vita) Puppeteer is pretty good for those pining after a LittleBigPlanet kind of experience and Payday2 is decent as an …

Published: 15 hours ago

A day of DOTA2 around the world

Really impressive numbers here.

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If you have been hearing the buzz about a new zombie survival game on the horizon lately then you have most likely been hearing about H1Z1. An mmorpg Zombie survival game which will put you right in the middle of an episode of The Walking …

Published: 19 hours ago

Music: The Lava

Yeah yeah, this is a video game site. But now & then I get excited about stuff that isn’t video games. And so, we have a beautiful music video that I would imagine would appeal to most PA readers. Equateur, as directed and animated …

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Project: CARS launch trailer

Speaking of car games in 2014. Project CARS is now due to be released this November, and to celebrate they’ve released a suitably epic trailer. Unlike GRID, the game will release on next-gen consoles. It’ll also feature Oculus Rift & 4K resolution support. There’s …

Published: 2 days ago

GRID: Autosport

Codemasters have been focused on more serious motoring games over the last few years, most notably being the F1 franchise. GRID 2 was wildly successful, and while I didn’t personally play it, I’ve been tempted a bunch of times by the various sale opportunities …

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For my money the soundtracks on all the Halo games bar Halo 4 are the best video game tunes ever written.  If Halo 4 had the same standard of music as its predecessors it would have been twice the game it was.  Unfortunately, its …

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With the advent of its anniversary, the Game Boy recently celebrated its twenty fifth year existing in the public eye, as an icon of the hand-held gaming market and what helped Nintendo eventually lay claim to a vast majority of interesting titles that to …

Published: 3 days ago

Sony Makes Almost Every PS Classic & PSP Game Available on Vita

Erm, so this was unexpected. Almost every PlayStation Classic and PSP game on Sony’s marketplace is now downloadable on the PS Vita! This includes titles that weren’t playable previously. NeoGAF folks are confirming that classics like Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, Mod Nation Racers, Valkyria …

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Nintendo Phuten to shut doors

Nintendo Phuten is one of Nintendo’s offshore subsidiaries, responsible for the sales of their hardware & games in Taiwan. With Phuten shutting down, all business in the region will be maintained by Nintendo’s office in Hong Kong. No other information is really available here, …