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Published: 2 days agoNew

Microsoft saved Titanfall from being canned

A story has arisen that claims Microsoft saved Titanfall from being canned, while Sony lacked cooperation or openness with the Respawn entertainment group. According to the article: The way Respawn saw it, the developer had never agreed to full exclusivity for Titanfall on Xbox …

Published: 3 days ago

Star Citizen gameplay footage

PAX East attendee’s (not including me, despite being in Boston!) got a chance to see some absolutely incredible in-game footage of Star Citizen. This is all actually in-game. Holy hell.

Published: 3 days ago

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong number [trailer]

I’ve never shied away from the fact that I absolutely adore Hotline Miami. Adore it. And so, seeing the trailer for the sequel has me very excited. Very excited. The game is due for release on PC, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita somewhere in …

Published: 4 days ago

CCP cancel World of Darkness MMO, “our efforts were falling regretfully short”

CCP Games today announced that they have cancelled the World of Darkness massively multiplayer online (MMO) game project in development in their Atlanta, GA studio. As a result of the change, 56 employees of the Atlanta studio have lost their jobs. Some team members …

Published: 4 days ago

SC2: 46 reasons you didn’t win

It hurts, man. It hurts to suck.

Published: 6 days ago

Civilisation: Beyond Earth trailer – Final Countdown edition

Remember that video I posted yesterday for the new version of Civ? Yeah. Someone played Europe’s “the final countdown” over it. And it’s perfect. Video below:

Published: 6 days ago

Civilisation: Beyond Earth trailer

Shut up & take my money. In game screenshots:

Published: 1 week ago

Polt vs HerO

This is just a nuts game. Bronze league hero level in pro play!

Published: 1 week ago

The Last of Us: Remastered is coming

EDIT: This has now been confirmed by Sony. You can read about it on the PS blog. A banner advertisement for Naughty Dog’s zombie survival epic managed to appear on the US PSN site with a price of $59.99. There’s also mention of it …

Published: 1 week ago

Radeon R9 295X2

Eurogamer went ahead and looked at the big “titan” card going toe-to-toe against the nVidia behemoth: Hot on the heels of the reveal of Nvidia’s mammoth $3000 Titan-Z, AMD has completed work on its own halo product – the Radeon R9 295X2. It has …