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TSG may reveal MGS: Phantom Pain release date

Sony kicked off the Tokyo Game Show hype with it’s press conference today. As you would expect, Hideo Kojima was there to discuss his new project, Silent Hills P.T & MGS. While that was going down, someone claiming to have worked for Kojima Productions …

Published: 15 hours ago

Did Alienware just build a “Mac Pro” for gamers?

Alienware, a company derided for charging too much for PC hardware because they have fancy cases, have just released their new flagship PC: the ‘Area 51′. Alienware have built a triad chassis to hold an i7, up to 32GB of RAM (although that’s a …

Published: 18 hours ago

Ken Kutaragi does the ALS challenge

For those too young to recall, Kutaragi-San was the man more commonly known as the “father of the PlayStation.” In recent years his impact on the games division of Sony has diminished, but he’ll always be the man that made PlayStation what it is, …

Published: 21 hours ago

Dirty Deeds Done Timed

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Much has happened in the meantime, including the annual event of much or at the least, some renown, the delightful Gamescom, the European gaming conference showing off some of rag tag games yet to be announced and already …

Published: 4 days ago

MLG Mario

Get rekt.

Published: 4 days ago

CSGO: ‘Counter-Points’ ep2

Over two hours of Counter-Strike chat, featuring n0thing & natu. Topics timeline: 00:05 Intro 02:29 Practicing the new maps (overpass and cobblestone) 08:10 Carry-over from G3 11:01 HellRaisers 15:00 Epsilon 17:56 NiP 21:00 C9 vs. NiP 34:34 Contrasting C9 and iBP 54:06 Skadoodle and …

Published: 5 days ago

Here’s your free PlayStation Plus games for September!

September is the first month as we come into the late-year madness towards Christmas. It’s usually a fruitful time of year to be a gamer, with a lot of huge titles released. Even better, 2014 will be a better year for ‘em because Sony …

Published: 6 days ago

TF2 “Fragumentary” shows TF2 in it’s eSport prime

Last year the best Team Fortress 2 players from around the world went to England for the biggest tournament in the game’s history at that time. For Insomnia 49 (or i49) the top team from America – High Rollers Gaming, and Australia – Team …

Published: 7 days ago

This is eSports

The world of professional gaming, with millions of spectators and millions in cash prizes for successful gamers can be really confusing for the non-gaming types – or even the casuals. But now we have a video, masterfully edited by “MasterCalvin” that attempts to bring …

Published: 1 week ago

Amazon to buy Twitch for $1bn

WSJ (paywall) has a write-up on the acquisition, as does TechCrunch. The shock? That this isn’t Google. It’s Amazon. Inc. has agreed to acquire Twitch, a live-streaming service for videogame players, for more than $1 billion, according to a person who has been …